Popularity on the Internet with the help of videos

28.11.2021, 15:19

The popularity of the channel on the YouTube video service allows you to monetize traffic and views. Popularity can be increased by various methods, including paid and free.

Specialized services offer the best way to get 4000 views on Youtube.

Channel promotion methods

There are many options for gaining popularity with YouTube visitors. Among them, several main ones can be distinguished:

  1. Creation of high-quality interesting content that can attract the target audience.
  2. Regular updating of materials, taking into account the opinions of users.
  3. Distribution of links to the channel and videos through social networks and other services.
  4. Offering bonuses and prizes to users for posting links to video content.

Sharing reviews and ratings with the owners of other channels, it is better if they are of a similar topic, in order to attract an interested audience.

Ordering paid channel promotion in specialized services to increase the number of likes, views, subscribers, comments.

The name of the channel, the design of the profile, and the type of content will also be important. Some video options may have age or area restrictions, it is better to avoid such information.


The main way to attract viewers is the content of the video. Users should visit the channel, watch the video, come back again to view other material. It is this approach that allows you to attract a regular audience that will subscribe to the channel, will voluntarily distribute links on their pages in social networks, in messages on forms, in messengers for friends and acquaintances. The use of high-quality equipment for shooting, lighting, knowledge of material processing is required. Sound recording and correct editing are important.

Paid promotion of likes, visits, comments can come from bots and real users. The first option is cheaper, but it is quickly calculated by security systems and reset to zero. An extreme case can be account blocking. It is best used to perform actions of real people and at the initial stage of channel development.

If your account contains a lot of videos, videos need to be organized, playlists created according to understandable and quickly identifiable topics. This will make it easier to find the content you need, and will increase the number of views.

Renewal is an important indicator; the procedure should be carried out at least once a month, but not more often 2-3 times a week. This will keep the attention of subscribers and visitors, not overwhelm them with information.

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